Application Forms

You have been judging and want to know how you can progress through the various panels.

Please note that the flow charts do not include the Dogs NZ Executive stage. All applications must go to an Executive meeting and be approved. Depending on when this is there may be a delay from when the Dogs NZ Agility Committee approves a promotion to when the Judge is actually permitted to officiate at the higher level

Trainee Judge Ribbon Trial Judge Agility Championship Panel

Make a start.

How to become an agility judge.

What is required to make that transition from trainee to Ribbon trial judge? Did you know a Club can receive a grant if they contract a ribbon trial judge?

These Judges can officiate classes at Championship events, except for Senior and Jumpers A. How do you get to be an Agility Championship panel Judge and what do you need to do to upgrade to the Senior panel?

Senior Panel Mentor Panel General forms

These judges can officiate over all classes.

Our mentor panel judges provide assistance to the ribbon trial panel judges, and support for all Judges during their careers. How do you become a mentor Judge and what is your role?