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This page is for clubs! It will be useful for those who instruct at clubs as well as those who assist with the day to day, and the occasional activities at Clubs. The aim of the page is to provide a resource to help the people at Clubs enjoy their involvement at Clubs and to encourage more people to participate in Club life!

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Teaching agility classes

Ideas for teaching all levels of agility from Foundation and Puppy classes to competition level.

  • Using toys & food
  • DAWG Foundation Agility
  • DAWG Instructors Handbook
  • DAWG Manuals - Conditions of use - If printed/used, the club must acknowledge that the manual was produced by DAWG. Also if modified in any way, the modifications must be shared with DAWG
  • Foundation Class - Peter de Wit
  • This 8 week course was developed by Peter de Wit for UHDTS with an emphasis on keeping the class active, and having fun. The class was originally called Flexigility because the idea was for people and dogs to keep moving the whole session.
  • Beginners Class - Meredith Evans
  • This is a 10 week beginners class, designed by Meredith Evans. It covers jumps, tunnels and weaves, as well as a simple course by week 10.

Some course ideas
Check out these training courses

Applying to hold an event

Running an event

Resources and hints and advice on how to run a successful agility event.

The people

Resources relating to clubs, such as committees. Includes the contributions to the 2012 BEST Club competition.

  • A spectators guide to agility
  • Best Club competition 2012 winners
  • The Volunteers - an article about the benfits of volunteering.
  • Volunteer week flyer
  • Pamphlet to print out for agility displays (2016)
  • How To Host An Agility Judge
  • Agility event secretary Diary
  • Fun stuff

    An important part of agility is the fun stuff we have together - this includes instructions for games to play at Easter, Xmas, club nights, interclub competitions and things to do to help run a successful agility display.


    A series of articles about equipment, the regulations, COF requirements, equipment suppliers etc.

    Interesting stuff

    Other information of interest to Clubs

    Writing your own articles.

    You can submit an article for publication on these pages.

    Please send the contribution to