NZ Agility Forms

Application forms - for awards and titles

Post these forms to Dogs New Zealand, Private Bag 50903, Porirua 5240

Note: Automatic email notifications will be sent for AD, ADX, ADXA, JD, JDX, SN Champ and Grand Champ etc where all those qualifications all fall after 1 Jan 2014, due to database requirements commencing from that date. You will need to fill in a form if you have qualifications prior to this date. Qualifications currently not automated are: - Milestone awards.

Processes for applying for Awards and photo certificates

GD, GDX and GDM Awards

AD, ADX and ADX Awards

Senior Class Awards For Senior Class Awards, all certificates must have been gained since January 2014

JD, JDX and JA awards For Jumpers B and Jumpers A awards, all certificates must have been gained since January 2014

Clear Round Milestone Award

Jumpers Champion and Jumpers Grand Champion

Agility Champion and Agility Grand Champion

SuperChamp Award

Club forms

Compete and email all forms to - Please also include the Club bank account name and number when applying for grants. If you need any assitance please talk to your club Rep

Accident Form For reporting an injury to a dog during agility training or competition.

Agility Levy Form Levy form 2019

Club Equipment Form Use this form to apply for assistance from the Agility Committee towards equipment. Please also include the Club bank account name and number. If a Club is intending to purchase/manufacture new equipment, it is the Club's responsibility to ensure it meets current specifications. New equipment should also be COFd.

Club Training Form Must be pre-approved. The same instructor must attend Club for 3-4 nights to give some continuation.

Measuring Clinic Subsidy Use this form to apply for assistance for measurers attending a Club measuring clinic.

Club Promotion Application Form (displays)- Clubs can receive a payment of $200 when they publicise and promote agility during a public agility display, and provide photos/report for publishing in Dog World.

Ribbon Trial- Judges Travel Form Clubs can apply for assistance when contracting judges for Ribbon trials.

Club Seminar Form Must be pre-approved. Grant maxm $200/day.

Instructor Form For rewarding a Club's instructors by assisting them to enrol in continuing education and online courses.

Entry forms

Agility Entry Form - Fillable - Enter details and Save a copy

Agility Entry Form - Blank - For printing blank copies to be filled out manually.

Ribbon Trial Entry Form is a suggested form for all competitors to use – one form per person. It also allows for multiple dogs. It is good for photocopying, or copying and pasting.

Other Forms

Send forms to Dogs NZ Agility Committee, c/o Dogs New Zealand, Private Bag 50903, Porirua 5240 or

Email to

Application for a Permanent number Apply for a number for your dog click here or Click here to download manual form (Only to be used if you do not have internet conntection or email address, This form must be posted)

Information and form to seek re-measure - go to the measuring page for the form.

Compete In A Heigher Height

Revert Back To Lower Height

Injury Reporting Form

Register a dog with DNZ on the limited register