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This page is free for anyone to use to announce wonderful acheivements in the world of agility. Feel free to send your brags, or photos of Champion wettings, with your name and the details of the occasion to AC secretary

This page is also a way for you to thank individuals, judges or clubs for jobs well done in the many facets of agility. We are all volunteers and this is a way we can all say thanks for exceptional work!

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2017- Zone 3 top dog awards
  • Starters/Novice. 1st. R606 Spot on Tio (Elaine Hervee ) (54pts) 2nd. Q004 Paquitastoys Red Jaspar (Quinton Keyser) (51 pts)
  • Novice/Intermediate.1st. Q106 Smudge (Erin Mulholland) (56 pts)2nd. R606 Spot on Tio (Elaine Hervee ) (50 pts)
  • Intermediate/Senior. 1st. L685 Touchango New SeNZation at TagTeam (Bronwen Burnette) (117pts) 2nd. I131 Beaucourt Dare To Frolic (Jane Aukett ) (116 pts)
  • Top Jumpers Dog.1st. P258 Alphabeta It'z Business Time at TagTeam (Kevin Burnette) (94pts) 2nd. L685 Touchango New SeNZation at TagTeam (Bronwen Burnette ) (70pts)
  • Top Games dog.1st. G214 Carlanrig Red Seeka O Jazz (Rebecca Sidwell) (76pts)2nd. Q214 Aneeda Tri A Teasa Of Blue (Rebecca Sidwell))(53 pts)
  • Top Small dog.1st. I131 Beaucourt Dare To Frolic (Jane Aukett ) (165 pts)2nd. Q106 Smudge (Erin Mulholland)(149 pts)

Results are based on records from the AC website

2018- Agility committee presentation to Dot Mote

Volunteers are a very important part of our sport, and a few years back the Agility Committee started up a volunteer award scheme, to thank those members of the agility community who point countless hours of their own time into our sport.

Last year, Canterbury CATS put forward a nomination for a person that they thought deserved some recognition for all the work they put in so I think it's quite fitting that I get to present this award at this show.

On behalf of the Dogs New Zealand Agility Committee, it is my absolute pleasure to present this years' volunteer award to a very deserving Dot Mote:

Dot does so much for this club and also for agility as a whole.Dot helps run a kid's training class at club. Every year her and her family make and donate zillions of cheese rolls to Waimak and Cats to help raise money at their shows.

One of Dot's biggest talents is the ability to sit in a little tent all day long, putting up with Judges like me flapping my arms about the place and being able to decipher what I'm going on about.

Not only does she Scribe at a lot of the shows the family attend around this area, she has scribed at most of the DAC's in the last few years, including in the North Island.And just in case she doesn't already sound like Wonder Woman, while doing this, she is still able to achieve possibly the biggest task of all, and that is keeping Helen, Ian, the 2 kids and all those crazy dogs under control.

Dot is a true marvel, and we would like to say a HUGE thank you to you Dot for everything you have done, still do, and I am sure will continue to do for many years to come.

Photo: Chris Richardson presents Dot with flowers and certificate

2017- Upper Hutt presentation to long term committee members.

Long serving committee members Corinne Reid (Treasurer) and Sharon Hastings (Secretary) were presented with gifts as an appreciation of their immense contribution to the club over many years.

Photo: Karen de Wit, Wayne Turner (president) Corinne Reid, Anne Packer, Sharon Hastings.

Zone 3 annual awards, 2016


The annual awards for Zone 3 were presented in March 2016. They go to the dogs with most points in a variety of sections.

Awards go to the following people for their performances in 2015.

Starters/Novice = Kevin Burnette and Biz (86 pts), Linda Cummins/Blaze (60 pts)

Novice/Int = Louise Williams/Gnat (68pts), Carl Ranford/Rhyme (68 pts too but less wins and less crcs)

Int/Senior = Dianne Reid/Jamaica (150pts), Peter de Wit/Ali (133 pts)

Best small dog = Kim Nicol/Billie (181 pts), Stacie Clark/Rusty (150 pts).

Jumpers = Peter de Wit/Ali (104 pts), Kim Nicol/Billie (80 pts)

Below: Linda, Louise, Dianne, Kim, Peter


The annual awards for Zone 3 were presented in Upper Hutt in March 2015. They go to the dogs with most points in a variety of sections.

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The annual awards for Zone 3 were presented in Upper Hutt in March 2014. They go to the dogs with most points in a variety of sections.

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by Bernard Fears

Thank you for your attention. I am here for a very important reason.

With us today is a very special person who has served our hobby well. Their involvement with the dog game began before agility was recognised.

This person was a pioneer, active in assisting the introduction of agility in New Zealand. Today this discipline has grown to be really significant in NZKC sphere of activities. This person has worked hard to better our sport both in planning, training, arranging displays and demonstrations, as well as competitions.

Having served as a show manager, judge and a Zone 4 representative this person has given so much, but even more has given many years as Secretary and Treasurer of Canterbury CATS. I think you may know who I am referring to when I mention that she was originally involved with the Weimaraner Club for many years before CATS started.

Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of NZKC, I wish to acknowledge her enormous contribution to the sport of agility and I present this ‘CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION’ in recognition of her dedication over a long period of time to Barbara Rusbridge.

March 2013


There are 4 plaques, donated by Zone 3 dog agility club, and ribbons for winners and runner-ups, donated by the Agility Committee. They have been awarded since 2005. They are awarded to the team with the most points in a variety of classes.

This year the winners are:-


  • Starters/Novice - 1st Lorraine Hazelwood/Bella 75pts, 2nd Karen de Wit/Finn 58pts
  • Novice/Intermediate -1st Aprille McGee/Fancy 47 pts, 2nd Jan Check/Bess 26 pts
  • Intermediate/Senior - 1st Peter de Wit/Quick 169 pts, 2nd Maree Butterworth/Jet 82pts


  • 1st Peter de Wit/Quick 76 pts, 2nd= Maree Butterworth/Jet 60pts, 2nd= Kevin Burnette/Jiggy 60pts

SMALL (add agility+Jumpers)

  • 1st Cath Dillon/Daniel and Zing 146 pts, 2nd John Fraser/Rico 135 pts

Pictures below:- Lorraine, Aprille, Kevin, Cath.


In October 2012, at the NZDAC held in Cambridge, the first ever Agility Committee Certificate of Appreciation was presented.

The recipient was Allan Rohde.

Left: members of the agility committee congratulate Allan.

Right: Allan speaks after the presentation

DAWG celebrates 25 years of doing agility in NZ

At the recent Dog Agility Wellington Group championship event, November 2012, there was a short ceremony to celebrate 25 years of agility, including a cake cutting ceremony.

Original members Jan Voss, Alannah Knapp, and Frank shown cutting the appropriately decorated cake.


Every year these awards are presented to the dog/handler Team with the most points.

This year the recipients were:- Starters and Novice – Kim Nicol and Lulu, Novice/Intermediate - Kayla Hill and Ollie, Intermediate/Senior - Peter de Wit and Quick, Mini - Noeline Wagener and Diva, Jumpers - Chris Ross and Toonie.

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Read about Chelsea winning GOLD at the IFCS World Agility Championships!!

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Photos of the Paw Blacks, The Team, Kevin, Chelsea, Natasha, Paw Blacks, Natasha, Chelsea, Kevin, Natasha

Champion Handlers and Dogs

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Congratulations Glenn and Crystal, Feb 2013

Clare Wellington after making up Razz

Deb Jackson after getting 100 Challenges with Ace

Fiona Ferrar after making up Cannon (Grand)

Jan Murden after Making up JJ

Peter de Wit after making up Quick

Keri Neilson and Rain

Shane McGhie and Josh and Kristina Beresford and Jazzy

Dianne Reid and Catherine Harty - Jumpers Champion, Horowhenua July 2012