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National Agility Competition

 The National Agility Competition is a bi-annual competition that commenced in 1997.

A series of heats is run across New Zealand, to establish the top dogs in each of five Zones (geographically split areas; 3 in the North Island, 2 in the South Island). Two levels of competition are held; "Starters", which is open to dogs that have not yet qualified into Intermediate level in regular agility competition, and "Open", which is open to all dogs.

Each Zone then hosts a semi-final, with the top two dogs at each level gaining entry to the finals, held in Wellington. For the 2003 competition, the number of finalists from each Zone for the Open level was increased to three.

The finals are held over two rounds. All dogs run in round one, from which they are ranked from first to last. The top half then progress to round two, with the result from that round determining the overall winner.  For the 2005 finals all dogs competed over three rounds.

Most times qualified for finals (handler)

Peter de Wit (Zone 3)

1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2009

Most times qualified for finals (dog)


Silverstream Ascki (Ascki)

Heading Dog

Peter de Wit (Zone 3)

1997 (Open), 1999 (Open), 2003 (Open), 2005 (Open)

Most number of wins

Silverstream Ascki (Ascki)

Heading Dog

Peter de Wit (Zone 3) 

1997 (Open) & 1999 (Open)

Most number of different dogs qualified for finals by one handler  

Deb Jackson (Zone 2)  

  Sharp  -  Kelpie  -  1997     

  Hilton Flya (Flya)  -  Heading Dog  -  1999  

  Ace-in-the-hole (Ace)  -  Heading Dog  -  2001, 2003 & 2005    

  Nifty Noodle (Nifty)  -  Heading Dog  -  2005

First dog to qualify for both Starters and Open final in same year    

Bordercheck Cafe Olait (Kerri)      

Border Collie   

Geordie Osborne and Nadene Hoskins (Zone 3)    


Finals Winners

Year Open 


1997 Peter de Wit (Zone 3) -  Ascki (Heading Dog)

Christine Cooke (Zone 2)  -  Jess (NZ Eye Dog)

1999 Peter de Wit (Zone 3)    -  Ascki (Heading Dog)

Shona Butler (Zone 3) -  Buster (Labrador X Ridgeback)

2001 Dean Machen (Zone 4) -  Storm (Border Collie)    

Karen Forrest (Zone 5)   -  Toby (Miniature Poodle)

2003 Nigel Brevitt (Zone 3)    -  Jip (Huntaway)

Robyn Sanders (Zone 4)   -  Barracuda (Border Collie X)

2005 Deb Jackson (Zone 2)   -  Nifty (Heading Dog)  

Sallie Remon (Zone 5) -  Dizzy (Working Sheepdog)

2007 Michael Barrett (Zone 4)   -  Macca (Huntaway X) 

Alana Laird (Zone 4) -  Wickett (Heading Dog X Kelpie)

2009 Lisa Duff (Zone 4) -  Zoom (Heading Dog)  

Chelsea Marriner (Zone 2) -  Spy (Working Sheepdog)