Carl's Corner (November 2018)


7th edition of Carl's Corner

Well this is my last edition of Carl’s Corner as we get closer to finishing our term and welcome in a new committee.


NZDAC 2018, most of you know we had major issues with the surface, due to a misunderstanding it was over compacted, this was heart breaking not only for myself but for the rest of the committee, but I think we still have a lot to be proud of, I don't want to dwell on the surface, it was a great weekend and the best still rose to the top and that was awesome to see. we really stepped up the innovations and efficiency of the whole event which was well noted. Not sure if I would want to be indoors at Manfeild again, surface aside it was noisy inside and the PA system was less than desirable. I am also not convinced a light fluffy surface, with the material it was would have been the bees knees. Decent grass is hard to beat. JDT Zone 6 appeared and were successful taking out the win. I would like to see IZT have an overhaul and try and spark some enthusiasm into the teams event. For the most part I was glad to be apart of running such a major event, we had generous sponsors and an awesome crew, we even made a profit which goes towards other NZDACs. Special thanks to all involved. I would also like to wish Sallie and her Zone 5 team all the best for Cromwell 2019.


It is not long now until we usher in the new heights for 2019, which is very very exciting! Clubs have a lot of work to do before then, so I imagine there will be a few working bees approaching. Please make an effort and support your club to help get these new heights implemented. I am also sure clubs will take the opportunity to replace some of their existing one piece metal jumps with nice colourful hurdles. Which are a much safer alternative. A huge thanks once again to the Heights Subcommitee and the AC for brining in the change


Nominations are nearly closed and I hope you have taken the time to vote for the people you want to represent agility in NZ. There is a goodline up of candidates to choose from so agility will be in good hands I am sure.


I am looking forward to the Global Judging Program, hosted by Greg Derrett and Lee Gibson which is being held in the North and South Island early next year, this is a great opportunity to upskill our vaulable judges and be able to offer them training on an international level. This is something the whole community can benefit from. I truly think this is yet another exciting initiative this AC has brought us.

Club Trainers Subcommittee

We have recently launched the Club Trainers survey, special thanks to the Club Trainer’s subcommittee for their work on this. This survey is open to anyone who has or currently instructs agility, the subcommittee want to use the infomation collected to be able to grow some ideas and put that infomation in to use through a possible support programme.

Equipment Subcommittee

The Equipment Subcommittee have been busy working on the Long Jump and Hoop specifications for regulations for 1st Jan 2019 with the Spread Jump still to follow. ESC believe the Long Jump requires a complete overhaul, it was thought that this would be better suited at a later date, given the amount of work clubs need to do by 1st Jan 2019. We would also like to offically welcome Turner Way tunnels to the list of Certified Vendors, it is great to have vendors who are always inovating onboard. Standardisation is in progress but given heights has weighed in so heavily it is only fitting that standardisation is phased in from next year, I hope the incoming committee will continue to resource and financially back standardisation. This has always been a high priority for me and I would like to see it come into fruition - sooner rather than later.

Looking Back

There are many things this AC wanted to achieve, but change comes at a cost and is timely, heights took up a lot of this process but there are other great things we have done or have started. At the start of this term we spent time on our vision which helped guide us through this term. I think we are steering towards supporting youth and grassroots, which has always been something I wanted to support. I looked back at things I wanted to see improved when I put my name forward in 2017 and I am pleased to say we acheived may of them and if it wasn’t for heights I am sure standardisation would have been well established by now. I dug up my bio BELOW from 2017 and it was an interesting read:

After much thought, I accepted my nomination for the Agility Committee. I have been on the Agility scene since 95, over that time I have seen a lot of changes and most for the better. I have been involved in many ways, a competitor, a judge, a show manager and much more. I could tell you more about me, but that would be boring. Some of the changes I would like to see made in NZ Agility:

  • Improve the quality of Weave Sets
  • Improve the quality of Collapsible Tunnels and remove the 5-meter rule
  • Improve the quality of Jumps and phase out metal Jump cups
  • Spend more money. Provide more grants to clubs for new equipment and public Agility displays
  • More consultation with Judges and competitors with greater involvement in key decisions
  • Remove the acknowledge the Judge rule (I acutally like this regulation - just took time for it to be onboarded)
  • Provide Judges with professional training such as The Global Judging Program
  • A long-term plan to implement 5 Jump heights, with numbers instead of names i.e. 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 heights
  • Further investigation into permanent splits
  • A long-term plan to move Agility to a similar structure as Jumpers, 3 Classes, Novice, Intermediate, Senior.
I welcome a vote and I don’t mind if I were elected or not. I would like to see the sport to continue to move forward and welcome a younger generation.

Final words

For the most part it has been an enjoyable experience, this AC has worked hard this term focusing on growth and saftey and there are many things I feel we can be proud of, at the same time also acknowledging we didn't get everything right the first time. I don't feel it has been about making a mark but simply improving the sport in NZ for handlers and dogs a like. This was always my goal. I would like to wish the incoming committee all the best and I would like to thank the outgoing committee and subcommittees for their hard work this last term. Lastly, I would like to personally thank all my supporters, you have all been amazing.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and all the best for you and your dog in and out of the ring, will see you around the circuit.


Carl Ranford, Chair DNZAC