Carl's Corner (August 2018)


6th edition of Carl's Corner

Welcome once again to Carl’s Corner, there has been a few things happening as most of you will know, Spring is almost upon us and the circus is coming to town! Yes NZDAC is drawing even closer - Entries close 31st August so be in quick! We would love to have you there.


Nominations are open, and it is time for those people who want to stand for the AC to be nominated, If you would like to stand for the AC I recommend a bio with a photo and if you are keen a short promotional vido about yourself, this will help the greater community get to know you and what you want to stand for.

Elementary C

The AC are pleased to announce from 1st of January 2019 the addition of Elementary C to the Elementary line up of classes at Ribbon Trials, this is based on "give agility a go" and supports our values around growing grassroots, formal regulations will be released on how this will work


The second survey has closed and the HRS are collating the results and working on a final recommendation to make to the AC, no matter what the recommendation of the new heights will be I know it has the future of our sports best interest at hand. It is exciting to think that as of 1st Jan 2019 we will have no metal lugs and hopefully new safer and fairer jump heights for all. A report from the second survey will be released to the community.

Club Trainers Subcommittee

The AC has recently formed a new subcommittee focusing on Club Trainers and growing grassroots, The members are Sallie Remon, Chris Moody, Diana Bird, Sarah Hayton, Teresa Walker.

Agility in Schools

A Survey was recently distributed and completed by approx. 75% of all clubs, the AISS (Agility in Schools Subcommittee) are currently working on promoting agility in schools, they would also prefer you first engage them before approaching any school, if you have any questions or for more information you can contact them at

Equipment Subcommittee

The Equipment Subcommittee would like to welcome Peter Haworth to the subcommittee and we look forward to working with Peter, stay tuned for an Equipment Survey which is due out soon. We are finalising Weaves and Collapsible Tunnel standardisation as we need funding to be allocated to this, but we want to know your priorities for equipment.

International Subcommittee

With information about WAO being released and other international events getting closer we have a subcommittee that looks after competitors that would like to represent NZ in other countries, if you have any inquires please email

Team Trials

Team Trials has started to kick off which is all very exciting and it means NZDAC is just around the corner, congratulations to all those who went through and good luck to those of you who are trialing and have yet to trial – most of you will know JDT are entering their own team this year, InterZone should make for some exciting action at this years NZDAC

NZDAC 2018

Many of you will be looking forward to this Years NZDAC and this years is ramping up to be a good one, I’m sure you would have been enjoying our promotional videos, online raffles and information that has been coming available as we get ever nearer.a href="Check out our facebook page NZDAC

Wishing you and your dog as always, an enjoyable time in and out of the ring.


Carl Ranford, Chair DNZAC