Carl's Corner (June 2018)


Welcome to the 5th edition of Carl's Corner, second for 2018!


There is a lot happening at the moment! First off, the heights review survey is out and we have completed 2 webinars with excellent attendance. Which is great to see. Thank you to all those who joined, changing heights is a significant change to agility and we need as many people as we can to be involved. Please make sure you do the survey, it will be a very long time before there will be another heights review is done. It is exciting to think that as of 1st Jan 2019 we will have no metal lugs and from my view hopefully new safer and fairer jump heights. I would like to personally thank the Heights Subcommittee for the huge number of hours they have put in to deliver this very thorough review and ultimately any change that maybe and hopefully is coming. The community has also reflected this in their feedback which is great to see :)

Election Submissions

The election submissions have come to a close and after a lengthy meeting a selection has been made from community favourable regulation changes, these are available for reading on the AC website under minutes.

Open Forum & Judges Meeting

We held another open forum at our last AC meeting, 3 people turned up from the Christchurch area and it was great for them to have their say and for us to share some of the ACs insights. That same weekend we also held a judges meeting and we had an excellent attendance, with many things openly discussed with the AC and the judges. From this we are currently working on 2 new surveys Starters and AD / ADX so stay tuned for these.


Something the AC would like to focus on is what more can be done at a club level, in terms of supporting trainers/ instructors and clubs, we want to see club membership grow, any suggestions for improving and growing out local clubs is always welcomed. At the same time if you are a club and struggling please reach out to your AC Rep.

Agility in Schools

The Agility in Schools Subcommittee is ramping up with lots of concepts and ideas being tabled, we also have a club survey which will be sent out to all clubs, so if these can please be completed, it will help this Subcommittee move forward.


We are excited to announce standardisation is underway and the first 2 obstacles are the Collapsible Tunnel and the Weaves. :) We are working out which clubs need new Collapsible Tunnels and Weaves. We understand standardisation can be costly and it will be a long progress, as it stands a lot of clubs already have the shorter safer Collapsible Tunnels which is great to see.

Collapsible Tunnel Suspension

A new regulation is being written up for the Collapsible Tunnel, this will mandate a shorter safer tunnel which will mean all non-complying tunnels will not be eligible for use permanently after the new regulation changes for July.

NZDAC 2018 Progress

More exciting times with NZDAC preparation that has been ramping up, the venue is going to be awesome and we have been putting in a mammoth effort to bring you a world class indoor Zone 3 Dog Agility Champs just like international events with an international judge! Look forward to entries opening! We have camping, ring side seats, stadium seats and plenty of stalls to buy all those good things we like to buy our dogs. Car park is massive! We have promo videos and fun stuff like that coming soon. Check out our facebook page NZDAC

Wishing you and your dog as always, an enjoyable time in and out of the ring.


Carl Ranford, Chair DNZAC