Carl's Corner (March 2018)


Welcome to the 4th edition of Carl's Corner, first for 2018!

Seasons Greetings

Although it seems a little late, I would like wish you all a happy new year, and may it be a prosperous to you, your family and of course your dogs.

Karen's Departure

Recently Karen de Wit, a valued member of the AC and NZDAC 2018 Chair resigned from both positions, Karen has played a pivotal part for many years for Agility in New Zealand. I would like to thank Karen for the countless hours that Karen has given for the betterment of our sport. On that note I would like to welcome Steve Chester to the AC to fulfil the vacant position.

JDT Camp 2018

On a positive note, at the start of the year we had the famous Junior Dog Training Camp which our family attended. This was truly and awesome experience and our kids absolutely loved it. It was great to see dog trainers from different codes come together and give up their time to teach the kids many different aspects of dog training. All mixed in with plenty of fun and games to keep everyone entertained for 4 days! What an enormous task to organise this and I would like to thank Sallie Remon and her hard-working team for bringing it altogether.

Consultation Docs

There is a lot happening this year, for a start we have consultation docs, the AC has put together a range of submissions surrounding elections and we asked for feedback, some have been a hot topic and it is great to see the community’s interest in how we govern this sport. We have had plenty of responses with feedback being constructively positive, researching for community feedback is valuable that it provides insight that may have otherwise not been thought of.

Long Collapsible Tunnels

Something I am personally happy to see and so is the rest of the AC is the long overdue suspension of long collapsible tunnels, we have seen far too many photos and videos for our liking of dogs exiting these tunnels in such contoured ways, I understand the obstacle is not always at fault, but removing it also removes the risk of poor pegging, approach or placement. During the suspension the AC will be investigating the safety aspect of these tunnels.

Volunteer Award

Recently Dot Mote was an awarded a volunteer award, Dot is a regular and helps out extensivly at many shows down south and her dedication and hard work has not gone unnoticed.


Big Congratulations to the following people who passed their judges exam, Jess Tansey, Emily Tighe & Linda Mortimer I would also like to Welcome, Erin Ball, Jinny Galley, Misha Baxter, Vicky Wilson, Linda Mortimer, Sarah Ridley to the Trainee Panel. Agility Judge Marie MacDonald is in Hospital and unfortuantely not in a good way, we would like to send her and her family thoughts.

Club Inventory Forms

Special thank you to all the clubs that completed and handed in your club inventory forms, I know it was a bit of an effort to complete but I can assure you it is for the long term benefit of your club, we have already identified there are approx. 450 jumps with metal lugs nation-wide, Something the AC and the heights review is working on is to move completely away from metal lugs.

NZDAC 2018

With Karen's departure, I have taken on the role as Chair for this Years NZDAC. I would like to take this opportunity to thank karen for all the work she has put in, and I hope to see her at Manfield. Time is drawing near and the subcommittee has been deep in the planning stages, with Camping, Judging and the Schedule all being released during the next few days. Unfortuantely we have had to drop our Olympic theme, so We have a new theme and it is a bit of a laugh.

Zone 3 COF

Zone 3 COF is well underway for its COF and so far it has been great to see most of the equipment has passed, it is a credit to the clubs that equipment is maintained to such a high standard.


The heights committee has been doing lots of amazing work and I would hate to think the collective hours that have gone in to this review, recently we held a very successful Skype meeting where we were able to go over all the work that has been done so far. Heights understand the community is waiting for information to be released and they want to be sure it is correct, concise and presentable.


The equipment subcommittee has been working on standardisation, through the collection of information from the club inventory form helps to give this committee what is required, top of the list we believe is Collapsible Tunnel, very closely followed by Weaves. We understand the passion to standardise these pieces of equipment and we aim to deliver.

Australian Agility Nationals 2018

The Aussie nationals are close approaching and I am pleased to say we not only have judges attending but we have some competitors – Good luck to all those attending! Go the Paw Blacks.

On a final note, I hope you find sucess through training, competiting or even socialaising with your dog. Just remember its not always about the ring or how well you do :)


Carl Ranford, Chair DNZAC