Carl's Corner (Sep 2017)

The second installment of Carl's Corner is in!!

NZDAC is almost upon us, by the time I release my next corner it will be done and dusted and handed over to Zone 3! Wow 5 years has almost gone already, seems like yesterday we were at Bulls! This year’s DAC is going to be the biggest Agility Event ever to be held in New Zealand and I am sure it has been no easy feat bringing it all together, it is a credit to the Zone 1 committee and all those that have been involved behind the scenes. Well done team!!

We are very excited to be working on our vision statement, a declaration of our objectives to lead us through an ever-growing sport where we are encompassing growth from grassroots to world class standards.

We have the Terms of Reference (TOR) out for Heights Review and Equipment Review, it is great to have the ball rolling on such big initiatives as we welcome possible & positive change that will help New Zealand Agility continue to grow and evolve in our current and ever-changing climate. The Equipment TOR is an underlying process to our roadmap to standardisation and Weaves are at the very top of that list. Safety will be one of the key points for the equipment subcommittee and I believe we will see some positive changes and one of those being a ban of all metal jump cups.

We also have exciting changes for the long jump in the wood work - something to stay tuned for, let's say we could see some more flexibility in course design.

With the feedback received we understand the formation of our subcommittees was not favoured by all, we had good intention to form a mix of people covering a wide demographic within our sport so we had a good variety of input. However, we have listened and we are writing a formal process so next time we will open any subcommittees for registered interest.

We also spent some time going over our election and its process, this will be re written from the ground up, we will be detailing the regulation so there is less room for any inconsistencies and more clarity for all, some of the things on the list are;

  • New election date, October / November
  • Candidate photos and bios will be published in NZ Dog World
  • Acknowledgement of receipt of each vote cast
  • Publishing of all voting results

From November, it will be Zone 3s turn for a Certificate of Fitness, it's also a timely reminder too for clubs to ensure their equipment is always up to standard. Something else to be aware of is the COF only covers competition equipment, a safety conscious mindset needs to considered for training equipment - if it isn't safe for competition it isn't safe for training.

Shortly we will be releasing the Jumpers vs Agility statistics, it is the aim of the AC to try and balance Jumpers and Agility events on offer across each Zone, some zones are 50/50 and some are more disproportionate. Jumpers classes are a favourable addition to a show but it is in the sport’s best interest to balance them out.

The AC would like to extend its sincere thanks to all volunteers involved in our Sport, there are many who give back a lot more than they receive, our sport is built on volunteers and a little appreciation can go a long way. If a club feels they have an outstanding volunteer they can nominate them for Volunteer of the year award. There will be more information available from the AC site.

An exciting initiative the Judges Subcommittee is working on is the GPJ (Global Judging Programme) . This will give us the ability to host this world-renowned program here in New Zealand and help get the most of our awesome judges - I know I am very excited about this program making its way to our shores and I look forward to being in attendance.

The AC would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who gives up their time at shows to do any of the jobs that are essential for others to compete. From the show manger to the lead runner, you are all so important and valued. We would like to remind competitors to be tolerant, respectful and polite to the ring party and their fellow competitors at all times.

I truly believe this AC is making some great progress, this is reflected in the number of initiatives we have underway and this is thanks to our hard-working team and other members of our community who are working behind the scenes to deliver a better Agility experience to us all.

Thanks, Carl Ranford, Chair DNZAC