Agility Regulations March 2017

Summary of changes March 2017

Full copy of regulations, March 2017 - Changes are in red.

Carl’s Corner (July 2017)

Welcome to the first addition of Carl’s Corner. This will (roughly) be a bimonthly column. I hope to provide some insights into your committee and our progress, it is not official committee information or communication, just me, sharing my thoughts.

I am excited to be leading an enthusiastic and energetic team, at the core we have visions and goals but at the heart we are fun enthusiastic people with passion for the sport that we all love. We all bring various skill sets and I am sure we will complement each other. Something I am eager to get behind is an initiative by Bevan Dale to take our meetings on the road, this will give the agility community a chance to attend our meetings and have a say or just to be a part of it all. To do this we need to change a regulation that currently states all meetings must be held in Wellington. Once we get this changed we can advise on locations and dates.

I would like to see this committee make in roads and accomplish goals! Some are simple and some are very complex, currently we are working on height reviews and equipment standardisation. Something else we aim to bring in is approved equipment vendors, this will give clubs faith that when they are buying competition equipment it is already certified. High on the agenda is better communication, transparency, and involving our community more in key decisions. We want to rebuild judges and competitor’s relationships and I will be striving to see this through.

This term we have myself as Chair, Sallie as Deputy Chair, Bevan as EC, Diana is Secretary and Joanne as Treasurer, Committee ‐ Karen de Wit, Wayne Grant and Chris Richardson. We have 4 exciting new Subcommittees; Judges Liaison Subcommittee Sallie Remon Chris Richardson Joanne Rennell Libby Ellery Fiona Hodgson Nick Chester Heights Review Subcommittee Karen de Wit Wayne Grant Carl Ranford Kim Nicol Keri Neilson Nicola Parmenter Equipment Subcommittee Karen de Wit Chris Richardson Carl Ranford Paul Needham Roy Thorndycraft International Subcommittee (participants to be confirmed)

These subcommittees have a lot of work to get through, reviewing heights and equipment standardisation is no easy feat. Junior Dog Training Rep is Sallie, Sallie is also chair of YKC and I Know Sallie will bring a lot to the table for the kids and us.

Agility is a fast‐moving sport and we need to be evolving to keep up with the times, health and safety and innovation play a bigger part, more now than ever and we need to welcome change. Preparation for NZDAC at Kihikihi is in full swing. The DAC committee has been working very hard behind the scenes to bring this massive event to us all. The reporting we are receiving is excellent and it appears to be well under control. Also, it is great to see we have a new sponsor ‐ Black Hawk. Well done to all involved.

If you have any questions or just want to chat, please feel free to contact me via email, phone, social media my contact details will be listed on the AC website. I would like to take the opportunity to thank the outgoing AC, running a sport at a national level is no easy feat. I would also like to thank all my supporters and know that I will be doing my best to bring the value you believed I would bring.

Thanks, Carl Ranford, Chair NZKCAC