Election results 2017

Thank you to all the agility community members who took the time to send in their votes.

The 2017-2019 Agility Committee has been determined by NZKC and your successful candidates are

  • Sallie Remon - 271
  • Carl Ranford - 231
  • Bevan Dale - 221,
  • Karen de Wit - 213,
  • Diana Gausden - 210
  • Joanne Rennell - 204
  • Wayne Grant - 163
  • Chris Richardson - 152

The incoming AC would like to acknowledge the time taken by those who were unsuccessful in their attempt to join the Committee this term and hope that they will be willing to extend that drive to assist the new Committee in continuing to improve our sport.

They would also like to thank the outgoing members of the 2015-2017 Agility Committee for their dedication and hard work over the last term and hope they will continue to support the sport into the future.