Regulation changes for March 2015.

As a result of feedback the following will be submitted to NZKC Executive for approval in February, with the aim to become effective March 1st 2015.

  • Uploading of AD and ADX advanced results. Proposal to be forwarded unchanged.
  • Weave poles. Adds a vertical requirement and advice on design, as well as clearly listing the number of poles required for classes. Proposal to be amended to change the range to allow for 6-12 poles to be used.
  • Wings. Slight alteration giving wider scope for wing design. Proposal to be amended to allow a width up to 650mm, to accommodate existing wing jumps.
  • Changes to measuring of dogs. The second part of this proposal is to be withdrawn. All dogs of any height will still require a permanent measure at two years.
  • Extra awards. Jumpers B awards to be named JDX, JDXB, JDXS, JDXG. Administration. The awards suffix (ADX, SDB, JDXB, JAB etc) will be dropped off the dog's official name if a higher award or title is gained. For example if a dog gains a Jumpers A award, the Jumpers B award will be dropped.
  • Proposed changes to governance. Forwarded unchanged.

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