Committee Minutes & Financial Reports

2021-22 Eighth Agility Committee: Chair Chris Richardson

Month Minutes Financial
December Handover meeting between AC8 and AC9.
August Meeting to be held 6/7th in Auckland
July July 2022 Report
June June ACOD Meeting / June 27 Zoom Meeting June 2022 Report
May May 2022 Report  
April April 2022 Report  
March March 2022 Report  
February February Zoom Meeting 2022. February 2022 Report  
January January 2022 Report  
December December 2021 Wellington Meeting December 2021 Report  
November November 2021 Report  
October October 2021 Report  
September September 2021 Report  
August August 2021 Auckland Meeting August 2021 Report  
July July 2021 Wellington Meeting July 2021 Report  
June June 2021 ACOD Meeting June 2021 Report  
May Zoom Meeting May 2021 Report  
April Zoom Meeting April 2021 Report  
March March 2021 Auckland Meeting March 2021 Report  
February   February 2021 Report  
January January 2021 Zoom Meeting January 2021 Report  
December December 2020 Meeting December 2020 Report  

2019-20 Seventh Agility Committee: Chair Fiona Hodgson

Month Minutes Financial Correspondence
November November 2020 Report  
October October 2020 Meeting October 2020 Report  
September September 2020 Report  
August August 2020 Zoom Meeting August 2020 Report  
July July 2020 Report  
June June 2020 Zoom Meeting June 2020 Report  
May May 2020 Meeting May 2020 Report  
April April 2020 Report  
March March 2020 Meeting March 2020 Report  
February February 2020 Report  
January January 2020 Report  
December December 2019 Meeting December 2019 Report  
November November 2019 Report  
October October 2019 Report  
September September 2019 Report  
August August 2019 Meeting August 2019 Report  
July July 2019 Report  
June June 2019 Meeting June 2019 Report  
May May 2019 Report  
April April 2019 Report  
March March 2019 Meeting March 2019 Report  
February February 2019 Report  
January January 2019 Report  
December December 2018 Meeting December 2018 Report  

2018 Sixth Agility Committee

Month Minutes Financial Correspondence
November   November Report Correspondence Tracking List
October   October Report  
September   September Report  
August   August Report  
July   July Report  
June June Meeting June Report  
May   May Report  
April April Meeting April Report  
March   March Report  
February   February Report  
January   January Report  

Subcommittee Minutes 2018


Minutes and financial reports prior to 2018.