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LEAVE OF ABSENCE We had an interesting situation come up a few weeks ago. The contracted Judge was unable to attend and fulfil his judging duties. The club hadn't contracted a reserve Judge, so the other Judges took on extra classes. In one instance, another Judge (who wasn't judging but was at the event), offered to stand in and help judge also, which isn't a problem. The question raised however, was If a judge is on a Leave of Absence, if this scenario came up again, and a LOA judge was at the event, could they stand in at the last minute to help out? The Agility Committee has had some lengthy discussion around this. There is no regulation around this specific scenario, however the Officiating Judge for any official event must be a licensed panel judge. Judges on a LOA do not pay licence fees and therefore are deemed to not be on a panel, and therefore NOT eligible to judge at the event.