Show Toolkit

The above guidelines relate only to agility shows (Championship shows and ribbon trials) that are recognised by Dogs NZ.

Training, fun days, etc are not recognised Dogs NZ events, and therefore do not come under this mandate and the club will need to make their own choice around whether they allow non-vaccinated people to attend these events.

Holding additional 'Red Light Events'.

The AC encourages clubs to collaborate and work together to hold local events where the 100 person maximum can be maintained during the red light setting.

If your club is thinking about holding extra Championship events, please complete the application form and submit to the AC.

Red Light Event application form.

My Vaccine Pass

The following image is an example of the forms of 'My Vaccine Pass' that will be accepted for validation.
The ONLY option for validation is a My Vaccine Pass with a QR code on it as shown in this image.

Vaccine Pass Verification App


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